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Education: Tomsk State University (Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, 1989-1994, speciality "Applied Mathematics", "Mechanics")

Post-graduate: 1994-1997, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, speciality "Astrometry and Celestial Mechanics"

Theses: 1999, "Encke Algorithms in Kustaanheimo-Stiefel Variables in the Problem of Special Asteroid and Satellite Dynamics" (S.-Petersburg ); 2010, "Effective Methods for Numerical Modeling of Circumplanetary Orbital Dynamics" (S.-Petersburg)

Place of employment: Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Research Institute of Tomsk State University (senior researcher), Physics department of Tomsk State University (director of Astronomy and Space Geodesy department).

Scientific work: 19 years, about 60 papers. The main field of his scientific interests is numerical methods for the investigation of Solar system dynamics.

Educational work: 13 years, lectures on celestial mechanics, special perturbation theory methods in celestial mechanics, calculus mathematics, numerical integration of orbits.

For the service in developing Russian space exploration, in 2001 he was rewarded with the Gagarin medal. In 2004, 2005 was a laureate of Tomsk region in the field of education and science.

Basic papers: 1 2