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Galushina Tatyana Yu.

Associate professor of the Physics Faculty, Tomsk State University

Senior staff scientist, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics Scientific Research Institute, Tomsk State University


Graduated from Tomsk State University (1998)

Academic Degree

Candidate of Science in Physics and Mathematics (2004)


Principal Investigator and Investigator in a number of grants of Russian Foundation for Basic Research, in Federal programs, and in programs of the Education and Science Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Member of Council Board of Euro-Asian Astronomical Society (2012).

Referee for the international journals: Solar System Research, and Russian Physics Journal.


  1. Information system design
  2. Astrometry
  3. System engineering
  4. Intellectual information system
  5. Knowledge representation in information system

Research Interests

Dynamics of small bodies in the Solar System

Asteroid hazard problem


About 60 papers in Russian and international journals.

Publications in English see here.

Publications in English:

  1. Bykova L.E., Galushina T.Yu. Orbital evolution of near-Earth asteroids close to mean motion resonances// JENAM-2000. 9th European and 5th Euro-Asian Astronomical Society Conference. Abstracts. Moscow, Russia, May 29 - June 3, 2000.
  2. Bykova L.E., Galushina T.Yu. Near-Earth Asteroid Close to Mean Motion Resonances: the Orbital Evolution// Dynamics of Natural and Artificial Celestial Bodies. Proceedings of US/European Celestial Mechanics Workshop. Poznan, Poland, July 3 - 7, 2000. P. 241 - 246.
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  5. Galushina T., Bykova L. Applied program system for study of motion and orbital evolution of asteroids. In "Resonances, stabilization, and stable chaos in hierarchical triple systems". Eds. V.V. Orlov, A.V. Rubinov. St. Petersburg University. 2008. 5-11.
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Winner of competition of the Tomsk region in education and sciences (2005)

Office address

Mailing address: Research Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Lenin av. 36, 634050 Tomsk, Russian Federation Phone: +7(3822)529776 E-mail: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript